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Project 2011 – Production trailer

Hi all! We are sure you already moving aroud for some news about “project 2011″ and today we have a really great one’s. Here we proudly present you the very first animatic trailer of our open movie project: You liked or not ? Drop us a comment and let us know. Thanks

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Open movie animation “Project 2011″ news

Hello friends and our fans Currently our team is under hard work so I am happy to find a minute to share with you some our open movie animation “project 2011″ news. I’m sure you are really interested what’s going on so here I present some stills from our modelling phase: A few words about [...]

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“Project 2011″ – open movie animation project

CGEX team proudly presents open animation movie project named “Project 2011″. It is probably the first open animation project in Lithuania inspired by well known Blender Foundation projects like “Elephants Dream”, “Big Buck Bunny” and the latest “Sintel”. Our most inpatient readers should know that “Project 2011″ will be SciFi type animation short made completely [...]

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