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Render Farm – BGE game project (GameJam 2011)

Render Farm – is an open source BGE game developed in 18 hours by team during GameJam2011 event (game profile). The idea of a game is that you have to use processors to render a secret information which will save humanity from extinction. Game play: you have to make tracks (a blocks from top right corner) to ‘render’ an image (blocks in main field). Drag mouse over processor coolers to start rendering. Keep running – your battery is going low. Good Luck !

You can download a game from here: download Render Farm

1. Download the latest Blender version from
2. Open ‘game.blend’
3. Press ‘P’ while mouse cursor in main 3D screen to PLAY ( NOTE: click a few times on Start button and wait a bit until game loads :) )

Tools and software used: Ubuntu, Blender of course, GIMP, Inkscape, SVN
Sounds from
Music from Jamendo: “The Doors to Trance”

Check for updates at !

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