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Project 2011 – Production trailer

Hi all! :)

We are sure you already moving aroud for some news about “project 2011″ and today we have a really great one’s. Here we proudly present you the very first animatic trailer of our open movie project:

You liked or not ? Drop us a comment and let us know. Thanks ;)

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Open movie animation “Project 2011″ news

Hello friends and our fans :) Currently our team is under hard work so I am happy to find a minute to share with you some our open movie animation “project 2011″ news. I’m sure you are really interested what’s going on so here I present some stills from our modelling phase:

A few words about project status. Currently we have already finished main modeling phase and started with models detalization, texturing and animatic construction. I hope I satisfied your interest for awhile, but now I must go back to my vertex polish work. Of course we are really greatfull for your comments and questions. Thank you for your interest in our works and hope to see you very soon :)

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Render Farm – BGE game project (GameJam 2011)

Render Farm – is an open source BGE game developed in 18 hours by team during GameJam2011 event (game profile). The idea of a game is that you have to use processors to render a secret information which will save humanity from extinction. Game play: you have to make tracks (a blocks from top right corner) to ‘render’ an image (blocks in main field). Drag mouse over processor coolers to start rendering. Keep running – your battery is going low. Good Luck !

You can download a game from here: download Render Farm

1. Download the latest Blender version from
2. Open ‘game.blend’
3. Press ‘P’ while mouse cursor in main 3D screen to PLAY ( NOTE: click a few times on Start button and wait a bit until game loads :) )

Tools and software used: Ubuntu, Blender of course, GIMP, Inkscape, SVN
Sounds from
Music from Jamendo: “The Doors to Trance”

Check for updates at !

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“Project 2011″ – pre-production trailer

Recently we have started an open animation project named “Project 2011″ inspired by Blender Foundation open movie projects. Currently we already finished with pre-production stage and entered modelling phase. Here is our first pre-production trailer:

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“Project 2011″ – open movie animation project

CGEX team proudly presents open animation movie project named “Project 2011″. It is probably the first open animation project in Lithuania inspired by well known Blender Foundation projects like “Elephants Dream”, “Big Buck Bunny” and the latest “Sintel”. Our most inpatient readers should know that “Project 2011″ will be SciFi type animation short made completely with open source tools – Ubuntu as operating environment, Gimp, Inkscape, and Blender of course. We already finished with preproduction stage – story, screenboards and concepts. Some of them you can see below:

There will be 4-5 people team working on this project for about a half of a year (estimated project finish on 2011.06) and information about progress will be constantly published on this website. Movie source files and documentation will be available in both – english and lithuanian languages. We also have plans about project DVD release with HD movie (with sponsors list), documentary, storyboards, source-files and tutorials of course. Feel free to subscribe to our website for latest project news. Your questions and comments are highly welcome !

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Blender modeling, texture and animation process timelapse

Blender modeling, texture and animation process timelapse – here I have created a short Dino modeling, texture and animation timelapse showing Blender’s workflow and results you get. All work took about 4 hours.

Enjoy !

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Welcome !

Welcome to CGEX.NET – a fresh new website related to all kinds of computer grahics content from digital photography, games to 3D modeling, video and animation.

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